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Diversions: Hazelwood Fish Fry, ETC.

Looking to kick of the weekend early? Head over to the Hazelwood Fish Fry (on the faaaaar west side) beginning this evening. The real family fun, however, begins on Saturday. Check out my story in today's Indianapolis Star HERE

Truck pulls are among the highlights of the Hazelwood Fish Fry.
Truck pulls are among the highlights of the Hazelwood Fish Fry. / Doug McSchooler / For The Star


Dating: The Ultimate Diversion When One Has Children

Many of you in the Indy area (and beyond) are familiar with Jennifer Murray, and her blog 4tunate.net. If not, you might recognize her and her brood from local tv commercials--she's the "QuatroMama"--mother to 4 boys who are so darn adorable that people just want to put their adorable faces on tv.

Anyway, she recently posted on Why I Haven't Said Goodbye to Dating My Husband, and it's a great read for anyone with kids, who struggles with the idea of leaving them for a few hours or--yikes--a trip.

She asked for feedback, and in my typical smarty-pants fashion, I responded to the original post on Facebook... namely, crediting my college-age brother and his desperation for money with being our sole dating salvation. Of course, that's not true--but, he's a nice bonus. Ha.

Here's my real feedback: You MUST 'date' if you are responsible, loving parents. I don't care how you make it happen, or if it's not the most orthodox of 'dates' (sitting on the deck and telling the kids "This is mom/dad time. Do not bother us unless you're bleeding," going out with relatives who help corral the kids so you two have some chance  to speak directly to one another without cutting a small person's meat, etc.). Maybe it's weekly. Maybe it's monthly. Maybe it's twice a year. That probably depends on what you're doing. But...

The fact is, the children are a priority, but, in a twisted, cyclical way, to be the best parents to them you have to be effective, loving spouses. Heaven knows, I know plenty of divorced people (or never-marrieds) where the crumbling union was avoided like the plague, and not their 'fault;' people like my husband. It does happen. No one person can make another care... about you, themselves, or their children.

But if you both DO care (about your children, if nothing else), you better find a way to connect and care about each other, because, a) Good relationships are modeled--you want them to have happy, connected relationships too, right? Show them., and b) Those kids will grow up. And, they will leave. And you will be stuck with the results of the life and relationship you built or let destruct when they're gone.

And, I can't think of anything sadder than coming out on the other end of decades of child-raising, and being alone or in a wrecked marriage, knowing that--on top of that--you weren't even able to model to your children what successful relationships look like.

Sorry for the lengthy response, Jen.


The Mind of a Two Year Old

A bit of language, but, yes... this was my day yesterday. Most days, actually, but, yesterday was LIKE WHOA. Swap peas for yogurt and bananas, and dog for cat and sandbox.

Jason Good has got it down, man. 

Day 215: Approximately 3 Minutes Inside The Head of My 2 Year Old